Adrenaline Events

Shot of adrenaline for your Team to shake up their routine and learn how to bond with one another!

James Bond Experience

During the James Bond experience, we will guide you through a variety of critical driving situations.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations.

Raft Building

Participants are given materials to build a raft, as well as short instructions on how to use them. Each team member plays a specific role in the raft building.

Fast & Furious

Learn more about safe rides and tricks of great masters. For the fastest drivers the award is ride in formula.

Flight Simulator

Professional simulator of boeing 737-800 which give an oppotunity for those who have flight fear to overcome it, and for those who want to feel adrenaline to gain new experience.

Mission Impossible

When you solve one task, you get the "key" that leads you to the next one, until you reach the end and bring the captured "trophy" to safety


Paintball is an absolute hit in the category of extreme sports.