Get out of your office environment, push boundaries and release imaginations!

Dark Mistery

Resolve mystery crime as a Team! It requires good communication skills among team members, logic and good under


Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is one of the most modern games in the world. Laser Tag transfers video games like Far Cry and Counter Strike from computer monitors to reality.

Room Escape Games

Inventive and interactive real life logical game where a team is trying to escape the room within a 60 minutes timeframe by revealing and unlocking series of mystery codes and solving a number of puzzles and riddles.

Challenge Hunters

Challenge hunters is a program in which good orientation and quick conclusion are the key to success.


Feel the adrenalin while exploring wild parts of nature. Canyoneering is suitable for small groups of people, ideal for top management.

Raft Building

Participants are given materials to build a raft, as well as short instructions on how to use them. Each team member plays a specific role in the raft building.

Flight Simulator

Professional simulator of boeing 737-800 which give an oppotunity for those who have flight fear to overcome it, and for those who want to feel adrenaline to gain new experience.


Participants will get exactly defined set of materials (such as wooden sticks, wooden lath, duck tape...) and instruction that will direct them to make their own rollercoaster.

Photo Safari

The team has to follow a pre-defined route using given photos. They must recognize places and find exact locations from the photos.

City Quest

Belgrade quest is a game that gives you an opportunity to get to know Belgrade in an interesting way.


Orienteering is a sport in which participants (using a map and compass) should find, as quick as possible, a number of control points in the order as drawn on the map that is assigned to each team as a task.

Boat Racing

Boat racing is a sport in which boats, or other types of watercraft, race on water.