Indoor Activities

Exciting and innovative, for closer relationships between team. Ideal for cold weather.

Crossdress fashion show

Everybody is getting dressed like the opposite gender and walking down the catwalk. Fun is guaranteed.


Quiz - a good and fun game you can organize as a part of conference, thematic evening or big team activity.

Room Escape Games

Inventive and interactive real life logical game where a team is trying to escape the room within a 60 minutes timeframe by revealing and unlocking series of mystery codes and solving a number of puzzles and riddles.

Magic Workshop

Participants have an opportunity to see 10 or more magical tricks that they will analyze and try to learn.


Participants will be divided into teams and cooked certain foods. Great fun is guaranteed as well as a good meal after the workshop.

Karaoke Party

This is a great game for any party. Choose one person to be the singer. The rest are competing to see who can name the tune first.


Draw your colleague or boss’s urge in a humorous way, as you see it.

Music Video

The idea is to connect work & fun in this process – to make everyone enjoy and have the best possible results. This program require team work.

Be Guest of Your Own TV Show!

Have you ever wonder how TV show works?


Bowling is a sport or leisure activity in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a target

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is a world hit. In this game , players are dressed in „bubble“ in order to play soccer.