Belgrade quest is a game that gives you an opportunity to get to know Belgrade in an interesting way. The number of participants is not limited, but we recommend teams of 12. The duration depends upon the group. At the begin of the game, participants will get instructions on what to do and numbered photographs of locations (important institutions, famous sport halls, the most characteristic locations for which Belgrade is famous) and a map of the city. The instructions will guide the teams to find locations from the photos, but without giving directions. This way, participants are compelled to communicate with the local population in order to find requested locations. When they reach the first destination from the photos, there is an assignment they have to complete. The assignment may include engaging in a physical activities (high-reaching, they have to climb on top of each other) or logical activities (solving puzzles to get a code that will unlock the chest lock) and complete a task in order to get the second photo that will lead them to another location and another task.This way, teams get to know the history, architecture and sightseeing attractions of the city as well as its residents. A very interesting program that can surprise even residents of Belgrade, because the difficulty of the tasks and locations that have to be found are adjusted to the capabilities of the group.

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